Product / Service #1 : MR RICE MILL

We produce rice by using DHOPAI boiling unit.Also we use high tech Japanese colour sorters to remove black,stones etc.Processed by natural sun dried. Per day capacity of 200 paddy bags.

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Product / Service #1 : MR DYEING FACTORY

We have our own dyeing plants and also effulent treatment plant;as a part of our corporate social responsibility we repross our dyed waste water ;we have the ability to process 180 kattu of yarn using 15000 liters; since 2009 ECO/BIO DYEING is viewed as our goal and we are searching for technical know how in this regard

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Product / Service #2: MR OIL MILL

Coconut,Groundnnut,sesame,neam etc in oils are extracted using Bombay oil extractors and oil cakes are collected .we own 3 modern extractors witn a capacity of  1000kg per day

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Product / Service #2: MR FLOUR MILL

      We have 12 separate units to produce

  1. Shikaikai powder
  2. Masalas powder
  3. Turmeric powder
  4. Kadukai powder
  5. Bio pesticides neemseed powder
  6. All types of cereals powder

 That are used by humans and live stock in all walks of life.

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Product / Service #3 : NANDINI FODDER AND FEEDS

Started in 2000 with purely a non profit motive ,only to feed cattle and live stock today. Brand MR has pushed nandini production to be 1.5 tons/1500 kg per day.MR. Known for our consistency, quality and reliability, our products have found use in the edible oil  industry, animal feed industry, pet care and animal nutrition industries

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Product / Service #3 : GT AND SENTHIL GARMENTS


We also produce

  • Inskrits 9 models
  • Nighty 6 models
  • Chimies  2 models
  • Night suit

of all size and designs; it has added a jewel on our crown

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About us

Five decades ago MR.M.RAJENDRAN set out to chart a course with a little more than courage, determination and goodwill. Setting up MR GROUP a firm in the business

 Of manufacturing lungies. The vision was clear the objectives being to set up a business entity that upholds quality and good business practices.

 Today MR has grown several folds and has established itself as an organization that is catering to international markets but embracing its ideals of quality and ethics firmly. The confidence of our customers and dealers encourages us to expand our marketing network. Export market too is being seriously looked into.

We have satisfied our innovative customers with flourishing trends and this will be a small step towards our destiny. We proudly introduce our selves as the pioneer of Dhalavaipuram for rice, oil, flour, masalas, and garments productions