Our Story

Five decades ago MR.M.RAJENDRAN set out to chart a course with a little more than courage, determination and goodwill. Setting up MR GROUP a firm in the business

 Of manufacturing lungies. The vision was clear the objectives being to set up a business entity that upholds quality and good business practices.

 Today MR has grown several folds and has established itself as an organization that is catering to international markets but embracing its ideals of quality and ethics firmly. The confidence of our customers and dealers encourages us to expand our marketing network. Export market too is being seriously looked into.

We have satisfied our innovative customers with flourishing trends and this will be a small step towards our destiny. We proudly introduce our selves as the pioneer of Dhalavaipuram for rice, oil, flour, masalas, and garments productions.  

Next Steps...

We must maintain and enhance the strength of our global trends, employ the full potential of our multi-channel distribution strategy and take advantage of the efficiency of our supporting infrastructure.

We must continue to stay connected with consumers by investing in our marketing efforts.

We must manage our capital structure with a view towards long term stability and investment in growth opportunities.

 And we must tighten our belts to ensure that our operations, processes and work force are primed for maximum productivity and profitability. All of this requires disciplined management, realistic objectives and the willingness to make strong decisions, with things we have.