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MR Organic Foods

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MR Organic Foods

Advantages of Dia Banana

  • Dia Banana can be prepared like porridge
  • It can be added in small quantities (10%-20%) with wheat/rice flour to make chapati, Dosa or similar preparation
  • It gives Complete energy for a full day Activities
  • There are no side effects
  • It has both cereals and pulse which will improve the quantity and quality of protein intake.
  • The added banana stem has good diuretic property, which is easily made available for busy people also

Advantages of Progeny

  • Progeny Can Be Prepared Like Porridge
  • Increase Healthy Sperm counts and penis size in male
  • Increase the quality egg Fertility Power in female
  • Purely Organic There Are No Side Effects
  • Must have Supplement for today’s teenage and newly Married Couples
  • Increase Stamina and Pleasure on Bed

Usage of Bana ORG

  • Mixed with Hot Water or Hot Milk and Sugar or honey for required taste

Advantages of Banana ORG

  • Increase Immunity Power of New born and pregnant ladies
  • Increase the Quality Milk Secretion for lactating Mother
  • Increase the Immunity power to lactating mother and new born Baby

Advantages of Banana Fig

  • Solar dried organic banana dipped in organic honey gives Instant Stamina Power Booster for Human Body

Advantages of Banana Choco

  • Organic banana all varieties made into sweet crispy Chocolates
  • To be tasted above 3yrs only


  • Hot and Spicy paste of Banana Powder. Made with Organic Gingery Oil
  • Used as Side dish with all your Food

Banana ALWA

  • Sweet Tasty Banana Powder made in to ALWA which increase
  • The Metabolic Activity and Sweeten Your Thought

Banana Noodles

  • Organic Banana Powder Fried Under Steam Converted in to Noodles for Easy and Quick Cooking.

Rawrice Powder

  • Organic Rice Powder used for making Instant Mix and all other Delightful Recipes
  • Advantages of Coco Flower Edible oil

  • Edible oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids with powerful medicinal properties
  • Edible oil can Increase your energy expenditure, helping you burn more fat
  • The lauric acid in edible oil can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, helping to stave off Infections
  • The fatty acids in edible oil can and boost brain function in alzheimer’s patients
  • Populations that eat a lot of coconut are among the healthiest people on the planet

Advatages of Honey

  • Nature's Energy Booster
  • Immunity System Builder
  • Honey is Anti-Cancer
  • And Remedy for Major Ailments
  • Milk and Honey: For promotion of good digestion and health
  • Honey and Lemon: Weight Loss Diet Tip

Advantages of Gingelly Oil

  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Source of Antioxidants
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Use in Oil Pulling

Brown Rice

  • Much Care Taken From Cropping To Harvesting in a Purely Organic and ecofriendly way


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